Octagonal Gallery Table
and Chairs

This set of table and chairs was an unusual and challenging commission for us. We were asked to make a  replica of this Georgian mahogany piece and, with no access to the original, we had only a couple of photographs to work from. The table has an elegant pedestal base and the eight chairs must fit in round the base and push in to meet exactly round the octagonal top. Each of the eight chairs has a unique decorative back panel which together form a gallery round the table.

So the geometry of the piece is complex and needs to be completely accurate in order  to work. This was achieved by using a rod (a traditional cabinetmaking guide) and making a mock-up before work could start on the mahogany chairs.

Finally the table and chairs were French polished to give the mahogany a rich authentic lustre. Our client, an expert in Georgian furniture, was delighted with the result.


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